The CDC recommends to routinely clean all frequently touched surfaces by using cleaning agents and disposable wipes.

Skil-Care offers several products that can be easily disinfected and wiped clean. The Gel-Foam Cushion comes with an incontinence proof, antibacterial vinyl cover, the 30 Degree Bed Wedge is covered with a fluid-proof, polyurethane fabric, the PathoShield Gait Belt has a smooth non-absorbing plastic coated surface, the Safe & Sound Fall Mat is covered with an antibacterial, water-resistant PVC material, the Pressure-Check Mattress comes with a 4-way stretch fluid-proof fabric cover, the Wipe-Clean Heel-Float offers all of the great benefits of the original Heel-Float with the added benefit that it, along with all of these products, can be easily disinfected and cleaned with sprays or wipes.

Skil-Care Infection Prevention Products 

Infection Control Gait Belts

These PathoShield® Gait Belts provide lifting and walking assistance while addressing infection control

Wipe-Clean Heel-Float

This boot off-loads the heel for zero pressure and has a wipe clean stretch cover to facilitate cleaning. 

Premium Pressure-Check Mattress

The Premium Pressure-Check dual-layer, 3-zone, 6” Mattress is specifically designed to provide an industry leading pressure redistribution and pressure relief environment for the resident.

Safe & Sound Fall Mat

30 Degree Positioning Wedge

A bed positioning wedge contoured to an optimum 30o

Gel-Foam Cushion (classic)

This cushion provides both comfort and the pressure redistribuiton advantages of gel; cooling, relief and redistribution.

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