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Aqua Weight 1

Aqua Weights


The aqua-weights are a light exercise device that are easily portable and safe to use if dropped

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  • Low shipping weight and cost
  • Easy to hold
  • Reduces risk of injury to feet if dropped
  • Easy to fill and empty


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Reorder Description Unit Size Warranty
914676 Aqua Weight EA 2 Lbs. 1 Year
914677 Aqua Weight EA 4 Lbs. 1 Year
914678 Aqua Weight EA 6 Lbs. 1 Year
914679 Aqua Weight EA 8 Lbs. 1 Year
914680 Aqua Adjustable Weights - Clear Face EA 1-6 Lbs. 1 Year

California residents: Proposition 65 WARNING

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