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Activity Aids come in three styles: Apron, Vest and Overlay.  These items are designed for patients with decreased cognitive function and the need for tactile stimulation. The activity aids help engage and stimulate. They are reusable, machine washable and secured in place. These activity aids are useful in the redeveloping motor skills. Threading of shoestrings and buttoning buttons target skill areas for improved coordination. The colors and different textures provide visual and tactile stimulation.

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  • Helps redevelop fine motor skills
  • Improves hand-eye coordination
  • Helps improve dressing skills, dexterity and attention span
  • Provides color and textures stimulation
  • Attaches to tray, lap or worn as a vest depending on the model type.
  • Pockets can hold small photos


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912465 Activity Vest Vest EA Large 6 Months
912467 Activity Overlay Overlay EA Universal 6 Months
912464 Activity Vest Vest EA Medium 6 Months
912462 Activity Apron with Hook & Loop Pocket Apron EA Large 6 Months
912461 Activity Apron Apron EA Medium 6 Months
912460 Activity Apron Apron EA Large 6 Months

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