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The Weighted Blanket provides the warmth and comfort of a gentle hug, encourages a deep restful sleep and a feeling of safety/security. The additional weight of the blanket aids in providing a calming effect for those looking for assistance with anxiety and/or having difficulty in falling asleep.

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• The added weight helps to provide a sense of calmness and comfort.
• The additional weights helps promote sleep and eases restlessness.
• Individual pockets allow for customization of weight distribution.
• Ultra-soft micro-fiber cover can be easily laundered.
• Eight 10oz gel weights = 5 lbs.
• There are no metal parts in this blanket.
Note: Blanket and weights are sold separately


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914008 Gel Weights, 8 Pieces at 10oz each PK 5lbs. 6 Months
914006 Adjustable Weighted Blanket - 49 Pockets Blanket Only EA 63"L x 42"W 6 Months
914007 Adjustable Weighted Blanket w/5lbs of Weight - 49 Pockets Blanket & Weights ST 63"L x 42"W 6 Months
914001 Adjustable Weighted Blanket w/5lbs of Weight - 36 Pockets Blanket & Weights ST 54"L x 36"W 6 Months
914000 Adjustable Weighted Blanket - 36 Pockets Blanket Only EA 54"L x 36"W 6 Months

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